Oberyn Martell + his spear

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Dorne mentioned throughout the seasons: Season 1

 davidtjackson Filming of #Gameofthrones S4 in #Dubrovnik. Unsurprisingly, the site was on lock down.Tip off via @MJuricDuTVnet #GOT

Check out the House Martell banner in the center!
Filming of S4 in . Unsurprisingly, the site was on lock down.Tip off via
Check out the House Martell banner in the center!

S A N D   S N A K E S ➻ fake book of the houses

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ASOIAF Houses Part 2 of 3 by Juan026 at DeviantArt. The same artist has also done posters of Harry Potter. :)



No.01 of the Places of the Known World series

Dorne is the southern-most part of Westeros. The Dornish people are ethnically distinct from the rest of the Seven Kingdoms, being largely descended from Rhoynar refugees who intermarried with the local populations of Andal and First Men. Customs are much different in Dorne from the rest of Westeros and its people are likewise independent from the other parts of the continent bonded by a strong ‘national identity’. 

Dorne is bordered on the west by the Red Mountains which has been the site of much dispute between the Reach, the Stormlands and Dorne for centuries. Central Dorne is mostly desert home to rolling sands and completely inhospitable. Most of the population congregate at the coasts and a few major rivers including the Greenblood.

The valley of the Greenblood begins in the hills of eastern Dorne and continues to the Narrow Sea. The “Orphans of the Greenblood” are descended from those Rhoynar refugees who chose not to abandon their former ways of life when they migrated to Dorne. The Orphans are a river-based trading society moving up and down the course of the river on pole-boats, and still practicing the original religion of the Rhoynar centered on worshipping river-gods like Mother Rhoyne.

Sunspear is the seat of House Martell. The city consists of two towers: the Spear Tower and the Tower of the Sun, the latter of which contains the Prince of Dorne’s throne room. The surrounding town is fashioned mostly of mud-and-brick and hosts bazaars and markets to accomodate Sunspear’s modest harbor.

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The words gave her a chill, as they always did. The Stark words. Every noble house had its words. Family mottoes, touchstones, prayers of sorts, they boasted of honor and glory, promised loyalty and truth, swore faith and courage. All but the Starks. Winter is coming, said the Stark words. Not for the first time, she reflected on what a strange people these northerners were.

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