Game of Thrones cast at the TV Guide Magazine yacht during SDCC [x]

Have you seen any of the Red Wedding youtube reaction videos?

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If Robb Stark were to come back, who would he haunt first? (x)

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Interview with Richard Madden begins thirteen minutes into the video, after the Operation Smile introduction by Zachary Levi.


Richard Madden at the Game of Thrones panel


Richard Madden at the Game of Thrones panel

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Richard Madden (“The Lovely Richard”) is a consummate gentleman, an easy guy to just hang with, and pretty much the nicest actor I’ve ever met. He smiles a lot, and—especially when the cameras aren’t rolling—laughs even more. He laughs as freely and joyfully as any person I can recall. (Yes, ladies, his accent is awesome.)

Of course part of it could have been because he had the jet-lag giggles, having just flown in from Miami, and before that South and Central America. But he was lively and didn’t yawn once.

And my god does he understand his character. As he told me, he’s lived in Robb’s boots for three years now—the longest of any role, by far, in his young career. When talk turns to Robb, Richard gets this look—like this fierce, intense look, and you feel like he’s slipping right back into Robb’s skin. One mention of the abuses Sansa has been suffering is enough to make him immediately pace a room, a look of almost ferocious protectiveness coming across his features.

Yes, it makes him even more striking. This is our King in the North.

WinterIsComing.Net on interviewing Richard Madden  (via wintercomesforusall)

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I’ve won every battle but I’m losing this war