Edmure Tully and Robb Stark’s costuming

Roslin Frey’s wedding dress

From the Set: Dressing Sansa

Sansa’s clothes reflect her state of mind.

The fact that the soldiers we’re seeing are uniformly dressed (in addition to the spiked helmets) leads me to believe they’re probably the Unsullied. If they were any of the other free companies, I’d expect a more varied array of dress from say the Stormcrows, since they all come from different backgrounds/places.

That’s a good point. I can’t recall off the top of my head if there are any other guard units that wear matching stuff in the Dany storyline, but these ones are so distinct, uniformed and strong in appearance, they just feel like the Unsullied. Stormcrows and other companies would definitely be more colorful and varied.

I see there is a lot of discussion about the Unsullied costume. But if you look at the very first episode of season 1, at Daenerys and Drogo’s wedding, you can see a guy that stands guard behind Dany and he wears a costume that quite accurately fit the description of an Unsullied.. So I would assume they use the same costume, unless they felt like changing it?

I don’t think they need to match what was in the first season. They didn’t discuss the guards, so only we would know from the books that those were Unsullied. Illyrio’s Unsullied don’t exactly make an impression.

But we are speculating, as well, so they could turn out to be something totally different. We’ll have to wait for more pics and/or gossip to leak. :)

Isn’t one of the defining features of the Unsullied that they have only a hat, a shield, a weapon, and a loincloth? They do love to embellish on the show to make things more exciting, but they also talk about how tight their budget ends up being. Given the number of extras they’ll likely need for the Unsullied, it seems like minimalism would be a great way to keep the budget down.

I think the costume of the Unsullied as written sounded a bit silly. It made some sense in that environment, but I think what I’m seeing in this pics looks great. It’s lightweight, also suitable for the environment, but scarier. Having a bunch of eunuchs running around in diapers and hats with skinny spikes in the middle of them doesn’t sound too scary. I don’t think altering that costume is a big deal. What matters is who they are and what their training is.