Jon and Ygritte scale the wall.


Bloodlines of Conquest (aka Game of Thrones) in Community S05E06


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HBO Should Show Dongs

HBO’s female viewers argue for a little more genital equality.

Have you seen any of the Red Wedding youtube reaction videos?

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Glasgow Film Festival 2013: Game of Thrones - Q&A with Rory McCann

You flawless motherfucker, how dare you.

How dare you!

Dammit, Sam.

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I literally don’t know anyone who doesn’t watch this show. I watched and really enjoyed every single episode this year, and I still have no idea how it was sold. ‘Hey, I’ve got an idea for an incredibly expensive show that’s about knights and swords, but it’s mostly about different people resorting to sometimes war but mostly sneaky political manipulation to achieve power. There aren’t really clear protagonists, and morality is never rewarded. There are dragons and zombies, but I don’t imagine they’ll impact the plot for many, many years. There will be too many characters to keep track of and about a dozen new ones being introduced every season. Sean Bean’s the only kind-of famous person attached to it, but I’m going to kill him fairly early on. Deal?’
Fucking deal.
— Dan O’Brien ( on Game of Thrones (x)